Monday, September 21, 2009

The Five Seasons of Prayer

Winter is the season of struggle.
The world holds each one captive; the spirit is not yet set free.
The Winter Heart battles to survive in a cold environment.
The soul is weary, blown about with questions and confusions.
Prayer in this season of life may reflect sincere wishful thinking
or a formal, religious ritual.

Spring is the season of new beginnings.
Choosing to become Born Anew, the Spring Heart settles down in peacefulness.
Warming to the Son, the first sprouts of Holy Spirit fruit begin to grow.
Trust is deepening; new discoveries of life are made.
Although certain pests try to devour or spoil the seedlings, there are strategies to use.
Prayer enjoys the new freedom of conversation with the Lord.

Summer is the season of ripening fruits.
The Summer Heart is secure in being, and grows more honest and open.
Full of God’s Holy Spirit, constantly abiding in Him,
there is determination in times of dryness to see it through.
There’s appreciation for the rain (reign) of Christ.
Now, pests attack areas that are stressed and vulnerable,
and the plants must yield as pruning takes place.
Prayer has become a lifestyle; it is on-going, free-flowing.

Autumn is the season of maturity and harvest.
The Autumn Heart is cooperating with God for a great harvest.
There’s gladness in generously providing for others.
Stronger immunity has been built up by faith and obedience,
so pests find it harder to cause trouble.
Prayer has grown confident and bold.

In the awesome plan of God comes the Grand Finale,
the unending season of rejoicing.
Culminating a life of believing and trusting, growing and obeying
the spirit rises to His Presence
to enjoy His grace and goodness, there to dwell forever.
Prayer now sees, face to face, the Lord of Glory!

By Elaine Hardt ©2002