Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Serious Search: Is It True?

Don’t gimme that old time religion,
Don’t brag on something new;
I don’t care who recommends it,
I only care if it is true.

I appreciate your suggestion,
But there’s a lot at stake;
I’ve got to take a careful look,
It’s life and death, for goodness’ sake.

History is full of beliefs and creeds,
Stories and theories abound;
I need something provable,
More than wishful thinking that’s written down.

I’ve found weakness in evolution,
And beliefs with inconsistency;
If God has a plan for life and death
It’s got to make sense to me.

A serious quest, determined and deep!
My solemn, yet joyous conclusion:
Jesus is the only Savior
If you seek Truth, not delusion.

Nowhere else is there a strict, yet loving
All powerful deity;
The Bible withstands strong examination,
To all who demand reality.

Of course, life has sin and consequences
Affecting the human race,
But God’s forgiveness is outlined in love;
Repentance reveals His amazing grace.

A serious search with urgency
Can reveal what is true;
Give it sincere attention
If seeking truth is important to you.

By Elaine Hardt ©2009