Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leaving Discouragement Behind

On this dark, cloudy day I just plod along,
Yes, I’ve been missing my sunny day’s song,
Discouragement crept up and got inside;
I’ve got a life to live, I shouldn’t curl up and hide.

Leave discouragement behind, recognize instead
The old enemy has been messing with my head;
It’s time to face the facts and confess,
Ask the Lord to hold me close and bless.

Leave discouragement behind, receive hope and peace,
It’s time for a revitalizing release;
I can walk in the light of God’s Word today,
Remember He wants me to trust and obey.

Growing in faith is my assigned task,
Confidence and courage are mine, just ask;
Cancel that gloom! With determination
I’ll declare new-found joy with celebration.

By Elaine Hardt