Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Gift of Christmas

Of all the gifts that could be given,
Of all surprises that would please,
The world cannot fully know
The gift of Christmas.

Of all the music of instruments and voices,
The decorations of all color and glitter,
Such extravagance to show,
We lack the fullness of Christmas.

God gave His Son, astounding
Display of awesome love,
His forgiveness to bestow
On that first Christmas.

God gave you breath and heartbeat;
Did you thank Him for life?
The gift of gratitude you owe,
Can you speak of it at Christmas?

His love, and your love in return,
Expressing eternal truth,
Surpassing sky above and earth below,
Vastly bigger than vain imaginations.

True celebrations begin within,
Welling up, surpassing emotions;
Reverence starts to grow.
His presence can be your present at Christmas.

All too soon, the holiday is gone.
We need to linger on in His presence,
Before trivia ensnares us so;
Jesus is God’s gift of Christmas.

By Elaine Hardt ©2008