Thursday, November 13, 2008

Change that IS Coming

An uncanny similarity emerges from a thoughtful look at current situations. You might make connections sooner than I did. The evening news triggered the first idea.

Let me set the stage for this drama from the past that fits today’s news. Walk with me patiently. I think you’ll find some fascinating possibilities. What happened so long ago can both inspire — and warn — you and me.

“Change” was the keyword on the banners that went up around town. Smiling faces on posters depicted happiness. “Your life can be better.” Who wouldn’t be drawn to such a positive message. It was the talk of the town.

In an atmosphere such as this the person we’re considering applied for a position. It meant some personal changes, but the future looked bright. To be accepted for the training position was, in itself, an honor.

At the head of this country the man at the top made a dashing figure. He had power and prestige. That he employed ruthless ways had gradually become acknowledged as necessary, given the world circumstances.

Citizens quickly learned their civic lessons. Less complaining was the way to avoid attention. No one wanted to be singled out as unpatriotic, at least not in times like these.

Like a screw being twisted into a set position, there became less and less freedom for those chosen for training and advancement. Seriousness pointed to a future of both honor and danger. Our main character steadily advanced, then was chosen for a very high position, next to the ruler himself.

However, unknown to our main character deadly plans were underway by an enemy who had gained acceptance into the leadership circles. Was it carelessness that allowed our person to feel secure?

Don’t reveal all you know, but make it a priority to learn more. Don’t neglect small clues as they mount up. Don’t show your hand until the time is right. Sensible slogans, even then.

Adding to the intrigue was the fact that this main character was a believer in one God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He was to be honored, revered, and His law obeyed. Prayer was vital.

Suddenly, the shocking news burst out. Death would be the fate of all who did not meet the ruler’s pronouncement. Our person of interest had only one other person whose advice could be even considered. Thankfully, that advice was given and accepted.

With a calmness that only God can give, our person stood staunchly, and as the historical account concludes, said and did the right things, to the right people at the right time. It indeed was for such a time as this.

You and I are also outnumbered in our country. Change has been decreed by the top elected official and the leadership of the nation. And change will come quickly, because the experts have decided what is good for us.

Politics has taken over the media, sweeping inside its whirlpool any people who have no mooring in spiritual truth. If you and I are not careful we will be lulled into an excitement that pulls us away from the Lord.

Logically, our freedoms do need to be sacrificed temporarily. Or, so it seems. Christians with a Biblical world view must remain alert to the growing dangers. Some will die for their faith. But, the threats that advance towards us may actually bring a unique opportunity.

There is a time to speak up, proclaim the truth. There is a time to reveal what the Bible says, what prophecy has announced. It’s time for an end, and it is a time for a beginning.

If you’ve discovered the similarities between the account of Esther in the Bible (in ten short chapters) and the times we could possibly face in our country, the reasoning of my conclusion should also be evident.

We are challenged to serious preparation, serious faith and trust in God. Jesus is our Lord and Savior; the Holy Spirit empowers us. As a result of our obedient response to Him, many will be saved. What Satan means for our death warrant can be mightily used as testimony. God will get the glory. He did put us in an earthly “kingdom” to be a unique people, for such a time as this.

by Elaine Hardt ©2008