Sunday, September 07, 2008

In Heaven's Throne Room

In Heaven there is a Throne Room where the most glorious sound surrounds you. Magnificent music soars and caresses each word: “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

Imposing ivory columns, intricately carved, reach up from the glistening marble floor into the rich turquoise of the sky. The grand center aisle is strewn with opalescent flower petals. The most indescribably exquisite aroma of incense swirls overhead like a silvery gossamer curtain on a summer’s perfect breeze.

Companies of angels, resplendent in pastel robes with golden sashes, stand row upon row, as far as the eye can see. Their voices swell in exalted harmony, then soften to a single clear note, before again resounding to a majestic refrain. Rows of harpists produce exuberant trills, while cymbal players clash their golden instruments. Thundering notes echo with excellent splendor; their resonance sends shivers up and down the listener’s spine. The total effect is overwhelming.

I looked straight ahead. In a brilliancy I had only dreamed about I could see the Great Throne of Grace and the object of such intense adoration and worship, Jesus Christ, Himself. I basked in enthrallment.

All of a sudden there was a bang, like the sound of a huge door slamming. The patter of running footsteps was heard. I spun around to see what it could be.

There was no pause in the celestial symphony, however. One angel leaned down to whisper to me, “It’s just some kids.”

Sure enough, two youngsters ran down the grand center aisle towards the Great Throne. Reaching the front, a lad reached out to clasp the hand of his friend, a little girl, who lagged slightly behind.

“Come on!” his youthful voice urged, then, “Jesus! Jesus! I brought my friend.”

For the slightest moment I almost expected a personage of some authority to step in front to block their access. But then from the throne came a mighty voice, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them.”

The braver one had obviously been there before and knew what to do. The other glanced around shyly before letting the lad draw her closer.

Up the red velvet carpeted steps, right towards the beautiful throne they now walked confidently together. Jesus extended both arms to beckon them even closer. Then, in one swoop of His right hand he lifted the lad up on His lap, while reaching to bring the girl up to sit on His other leg.

Readily they both were seated. I could not tell who was happier, Jesus or the children. Their smiles were like rainbows’ reflection for their brightness.

Then a most unexpected thing happened. The Throne began to rock! Gently back and forth, like a mother’s rocking chair in the nursery. Like a grandparent’s rocker in the parlor. The children snuggled up to Him.

“I love you,” Jesus was singing. “I love You, too,” was the youthful refrain. Then after another warm embrace the lad began, “I brought my friend to You.”

“Oh, yes. I am pleased.” And Jesus bent to whisper to the little girl.

“Oh, Jesus. You know my name!” was her delighted response.

My curiosity got the best of me; I had to avert my eyes from them and look around. The angelic choir sang on, giving honor and glory and praise. The intrusion had not interrupted their music. Perhaps this is a frequent happening in Heaven, I thought in amazement.

At that moment such love and tenderness swept all adult reason from my mind. Fearlessly I stepped forward. I could never have predicted such a thing, but at once I found myself standing before Him. Before Jesus Christ, awesome Son of God and Son of Man.

With broad grins the youngsters slipped down from Jesus’ lap; the lad called back over his shoulder as they descended the velvet carpeted stairs, “See you later.”

Strong arms reached out and placed me on that wonderful lap. I gladly yielded to His warm embrace. And that wonderful Throne began to gently rock. “So this is prayer?” I asked in wonder.
# # #

by Elaine Hardt ©1996