Friday, November 23, 2007

Recipe for Thanksgiving

This free, no-calorie recipe can’t be beat for simplicity and good results. It’s just what every busy person needs, and this means you! Go ahead, indulge yourself.

Close your eyes and count to 10.

As you open your eyes be thankful you can see. Be thankful you remember your numbers. Be thankful you can speak aloud.

Look around. Be thankful for a roof and 4 walls and a door. Got a bathroom? Be thankful. Food in the fridge? Be thankful.

Now, before you get carried away with feeling really good stop and ask yourself, “Who gave me all these blessings?”

Talk to God, out loud if possible. Acknowledge Him as the Creator of everything and Maker of you, in particular. If you haven’t been on speaking terms with Him lately now is the time to remedy that unintended neglect.

This is not the time to present Him with a list of what you want for Christmas. This is not the time to whine and complain, either.

The purpose of Thanksgiving is to sharpen your skills of awareness of what it means to be alive, and who better to thank than the One you are going to meet when you die.

As the day goes on see how many other things you can be thankful for.

By the end of the day look out the window and see the sunset, then look for the stars and moon. Be thankful you live on the only beautiful, inhabitable planet there is.

End the day by thanking God for anything else you can think of before falling asleep with a big smile on your face.

Look in the Bible at the many examples of thanking God. Especially in Book of Psalms read of people calling out to God, talking about His blessings, and giving thanks. “The LORD is righteous in everything he does, He is filled with kindness. The LORD is close to all who call on Him. . . ” Psalm 145:17-18.

The blessing of Thanksgiving is peace, contentment, appreciation, and deep inner joy. This blessing is a free gift from God, and it comes when we are in a loving relationship with Him. Jesus makes this possible. Read the Gospels in the New Testament to appreciate Him.

You may enjoy this Recipe for Thanksgiving so much you decide to do it every day, or at least one day a week. Call it Sabbath, a rest for the body and soul. When you are thankful you are bringing a blessing upon yourself, as well as giving God respect and honor that is due Him.

By Elaine Hardt ©2007