Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thankful for God's Love

Photo of Peter Hardt atop Merry Go Round Rock, Sedona, AZ
Photo by Joy Hardt ©2003

Have I told You lately that I love You?
And I’ve neglected to proclaim Your praise!
Your love demonstrated in Jesus,
Father, You have blessed me all of my days.

One God, all powerful, eternal,
Beyond anything my mind can conceive;
Redeemer of everyone who calls to You,
I’m grateful You invite me to believe.

    You sent Jesus, Your only Son, the only way; 
    I reaffirm my decision to accept Him today! 

As I face the truth of my shortcomings;
My own efforts cannot this sin erase,
But You’ve made forgiveness possible,
I would be lost without Your grace.

    Have I told You lately that I love you?
    Heavenly Father, I’m telling You now.

You are Creator of the Universe,
You’ve made it all, I don’t know how;
You’ve been my Provider and Protector,
Oh yes, I love You; I’m telling You now.

Before me lies life’s mystery of death,
So soon I will pass from here to There;
How I long to see You in true reality,
And face to face, my love declare.

By Elaine Hardt ©2007