Saturday, September 01, 2007

This Is Most Certainly So

One day as I pondered a problem
the answer came simply to me:
Why do I worry, why do I fret?
Here’s something I must not forget:

He did it before; He can do it again,
God is totally awesome;
If we knew it then, we should know it now,
He is the mighty God.

When He did it before, we should remember back then,
God is completely faithful;
His Word is still true, He knows what to do,
God is the One that we need.

If we needed Him then, we need Him now,
God is certainly able;
When we call out to Him, we can trust Him,
God is the Ruler of all.

There’s nothing too hard, for He is the Lord,
God made the whole Universe;
When we humbly call, He hears us all,
God wants to answer our prayer.

We’re worn out with sin, we need Him within,
God wants to save our soul;
Repentance is needed, His Word is heeded,
Then He can answer our call.

Now He’s my Lord, and now He’s my friend,
And this is how it will be;
One day I’m going to Heaven to see
Jesus who died for me.

And how about you? You need Him, too,
Let Jesus enter your heart;
Don’t wait and delay, this is your day,
God is calling to you.

By Elaine Hardt ©2003