Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Father, You Know

Too much is out there in the world,
Too much is going on;
I can’t keep up, find out, figure it out,
I’m tired of the struggle and fear and doubt.

Too much noise and confusion,
Little lies and downright deception;
Too much bitterness and strife,
Too many problems for a too-short life.

Too much is out of order, those who care are few,
Too little that just one person can do.
Evil is hidden, evil is plain to see;
Everyone is caught up in superficiality.

Father, You know.
Father, You know.

My heart longs for things to be right,
For truth to prevail, blindness give way to sight.
I hand over my stress and aggravation,
Forgive my complaining and frustration.

Father, I’m glad You are here in this place;
I rest in Your goodness, I’m safe in Your grace;
You restore and refresh my world-weary soul,
I’m eternally glad that You’re in control.

Yes, my life is insignificant and small,
But I will listen when You call;
What You tell me I will do
And leave the end results to You.

By Elaine Hardt ©2002