Sunday, February 18, 2007

NOW, So Hard to Describe

NOW cannot actually be true,
For as soon as I said NOW to you,
NOW evaporated and did not last;
It was demoted into the Past.

It seems to be the Future’s fault
That Time itself can never halt;
NOW refuses yet to stay,
Blink your eyes, it’s gone away.

NOW we cannot hold,
feeling fear or being bold;
Happy or sad, NOW is fleeting,
Another moment we are meeting.

This paradoxical puzzle
The intellect to muzzle,
NOW teases and perplexes me,
Challenging views of reality.

NOW is beyond the mind of man!
Puzzled by when NOW began?
Ask our Creator in Eternity,
He knows everything, certainly.

At death each man will know what’s true.
A timeless, magnificent NOW for you.
A new NOW by faith in God, believed,
That NOW by Jesus Christ received.

NOW being hard to be described
This poem’s point may seem contrived,
But serious thought is needed here,
Let truth come through, both loud and clear.

By Elaine Hardt ©2006