Saturday, January 20, 2007

One Thing You Lack

Your life resembles a well-crafted book
And you’re willing to take a thoughtful look;
Columns of figures comprise the sum,
Year-end results will show what you’ve done.

What if there’s an area neglected,
Forgotten or much earlier rejected?
Are you open to making needed change?
Can you, your rigid ideas re-arrange?

Not to be fussy or hypercritical,
Not that you failed to be analytical;
You reject failure, aim for success;
See if you will pass God’s test.

Once a man said, “There’s one thing you lack. . . “
Listeners paid attention, taken aback;
A spiritual truth it turned out to be,
Vital consideration for you or me.

You might welcome it— an idea, find,
To pique the interest of your active mind.
Maybe it’s time for you to take
Another look, for Heaven’s sake.

By Elaine Hardt ©2007