Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Look at New Year's Eve with Suggestions for New Year's Day

Will it be another grand occasion,
A New Year’s celebration,
A putting-on an attitude, party-on time?

Will there be parades for viewing,
Football games, and over-doing,
All the sociable expectations that come to mind?

Or will there be time for introspection,
Honest sizing-up intentions,
Looking for a sincerely spiritual point of view?

Could we look past the drinking, eating,
the people that we’re meeting,
not neglecting what’s most important for anyone to do?

We could pause for reflection,
Confess we’ve missed perfection,
Gratefully consider how greatly God has been blessing you.

Learn from situations of the past,
Forgive each other now, at last,
And schedule in time to daily pray and read God’s Word, too.

So, let’s go past the decorations,
The New Year’s speculations,
Despite the troubles looming all around the world we see.

Let’s choose to have a brand-new Year
With confidence, not fear,
Trusting and walking with the Lord obediently.

by Elaine Hardt ©2006