Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why, Indeed!

Why be thankful when you can complain;
A little less/more sunshine, a little less/more rain.
Bankroll could be fatter, the garden more green;
Less crime in the cities, more decency seen.

Bald men need hair, more manners for youth;
Less bad news on TV, a lot more truth.
We’d like more new stuff, thanks to technology;
Where God fits in is getting harder to see.

Postpone old age so good people won’t die;
Not sure about the Bible, wish babies didn’t cry.
God, if You’re listening I’m sure in a muddle;
Complaining has stirred up a whole lot of trouble.

I really don’t want to grow crabby and such;
I sure could use a Thanksgiving touch.
I’m sick and tired of being depressed;
Lord, come into my heart; I really need Your rest.

So this is me, saying I’d like a new start
Show me how to live with a thankful heart.
By Elaine Hardt ©2000