Thursday, September 29, 2011

47 Words of HOPE for You

Hope will brighten your day . . .
Got a minute or two?  Here's some words of HOPE that could be food for thought today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming to Terms with Truth, His or Mine?

        The tiny, trapped lizard would open up conversation of a serious issue between Josh and his dad.  With Josh thoroughly enjoying his high school astronomy class it was time to have a talk. 
      A casual comment by Josh was, “The sky is full of stars and planets. No one has ever found God yet.  Telescopes don’t lie. People smarter than us accept the fact of evolution.”
      “Son, you know we believe in the God of the Bible and creation, not evolution,” his dad began.  They sat at the kitchen table nibbling on Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. 
       “Oh, look!  Look there on the patio door!  Josh pointed out a tiny lizard, probably   inch long clinging to the sliding screen door outside the sliding glass door.  A closer look showed that the tiny creature was trapped between the two doors, holding on to the screen with his feet.  There was no way out.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Appointment at Ground Zero

         Late in 2001 our friends, Hylan and his wife Rita visited friends in Pennsylvania, then drove to Manhattan to see Ground Zero. He relates they were moved to tears at the staggering size of the destruction. As he was parking the car he asked a stranger if he knew of a good observation spot. He said there really wasn’t any good place, but his apartment would afford a view from the 32nd floor. “We checked each other out,” Hylan says, then took him up on the offer.
        They entered his apartment and walked over to the window overlooking the Hudson River to the left and Ground Zero to the right. It was a commanding view. Then Hylan noticed on the windowsill a “house blessing” in Hebrew. He asked the man if he was Jewish, and he was.
        “Our conversation became rather personal and intimate,” Hylan says. The man told of his life in 2001. His six year-old daughter died of an unknown illness. His wife left him one day before their tenth anniversary. He had cancer with accompanying radiation and chemotherapy.
        Then came 9-11. The man showed them his home video of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center. He hadn’t shown it to anyone.

The Answer

        We all are aware of terrible problems affecting our nation, our world, our cities and towns.  It is not "politically correct" to speak out the answer.  But how can we be silent when evil advances?